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From Brain Science to Intelligent Machines

Development of the RUBICON (Robotic UBIquitous COgnitive Network) cognitive architecture

Date: Thursday 25/4/2013
Venue: MS020
Time: 13.00 pm
Speaker: Dr. Anjan Kumar Ray
Affiliation: ISRC, University of Ulster, Magee

Development of the RUBICON (Robotic UBIquitous COgnitive Network) cognitive architecture

Dr. Anjan Kumar Ray

ISRC, University of Ulster, Magee


The RUBICON (Robotic UBIquitous COgnitive Network) is an EU FP7 funded project. It aims to create a self-sustaining and learning robotic ecology to support applications such as smart home environment. Information extraction from sensors, robotic interactions with the environment and building knowledge over this information are the key aspects of this project. There are four technical layers named learning, control, cognitive and communication layers to achieve the purpose of the ecology. Our focus is on the development of the cognitive architecture for the system. We explore the potential of a self-organizing fuzzy neural network (SOFNN) as a core component of a cognitive system for a smart home environment. We develop a cognitive reasoning module that has the ability to adapt its neuronal structure through adding and pruning of neurons according to the incoming data. The network is trained with realistic synthesized data to show its adaptation capability and is tested with unseen data to validate its cognitive capabilities. This initial implementation of the cognitive system demonstrates the potential of the architecture and will serve as a very important test-bed for future work.

Short biography:

Anjan Kumar Ray is a Research Associate in the ISRC. He is currently working in the RUBICON project. He received his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur and ME in Control Systems from Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur. His research interests are in the areas of robotics, machine learning and control systems.