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From Brain Science to Intelligent Machines

Cognitive Robotics Team Facilities

Substantial investment in infrastructure and equipment has enabled the cognitive robotics team to develop a world leading state-of-the art Cognitive Robotics laboratory with first-class experimental facilities in mobile robotics and robotic manipulators. The laboratory has four Scitos G5 robots, 10 Pioneer 3, one Peoplebot, lots of Khephera and Koala robots. Two Robotino robots are also available.

The most recent acquisitions include a Willow Garage PR2 robot, the only one in the UK and Ireland. We also have a Shadow Robot five finger robotic hand - we are also the only university in the UK and Ireland to possess such a facility.

The laboratory also has a high-precision Vicon motion tracking system and an experimental Arm-Camera coordination platform consisting of two 7-DOF Schunk PowerCube robot manipulators. Each of these manipulators is mounted on a mobile platform. Multiple overhead cameras, eye in hand cameras and Kinect cameras complete the facilities.

The laboratory's electric floor is the largest in the world and allows uninterrupted robot operation for long periods of time. The team is indebted to Professor Ulrich Nehmzow, the former team leader, for his invaluable contributions to the design of the laboratory.

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